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Conformity and Intellectual Suicide: Darwinists Confirm the Werther Effect

Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.

Conformity and Intellectual Suicide: Darwinists Confirm the Werther Effect

Patrick Matthew published the full prior theory of natural selection in 1831 - years before Darwin even put private pen to private paper on the subject. Naturalists known to Darwin even cited Matthew''s work years before Darwin jotted down anything on the topic. Darwin always claimed no naturalist had read Matthew before 1860. He lied!
(Question): Why have only a handful of Darwinist scholars had the gumption and confidence to stand up and proclaim that Patrick Matthew has full, complete and appreciable priority over Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace for his prior published discovery?  And, just in case you were wondering, under the rules of the Royal Society - as demonstrated by the Arago Effect - he does have full priority. Period!

(Answer): Because the majority are conforming to Darwinist group behaviour.

Werther Unoriginals

The All Saints Company Ltd:
St Charles Darwin, Never Rejected God in the Origin of Species, as did the first-to-be-first heretical Originator Patrick Matthew in 1831
'Sociologists call this ‘behavioural contagion’. The Werther Effect  occurs because we are social creatures. We model our behaviour on others, learning from and imitating those around us. Patterns of behaviour, it turns out, can often spread in much the same way as disease does. The same phenomenon has been observed with drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, self-harm and obesity, but also with happiness and cooperation. The Werther Effect has been found to take particular hold following cases where the victim is portrayed as romantic and heroic in some way – like Werther himself.'
Jamie Bartlett    

Darwinistsknow your meme   

The 12th February is "Plagiarist (Cheater) Day"

Don't be a Supermyth Sucker

Dysological science cults, such as Darwinism (not Matthew's theory of natural selection, Darwin idolization), can be destructive to progress toward veracity by wrapping up pseudo-scholarly behavior in a warm cloak of positive hero worship, surrounding its in-group membership with peer support. This makes the selective silent treatment, rabid criticism of the relevance of dis-confirming and independently verifiable evidence, defamatory attacks on the messenger, deliberate misrepresentation of the data, and plain old stubborn refusal to accept dis-confirming evidence, feel like a culture, a lifestyle choice, something to be embraced for the common good.
The Worlds Most Oxymoronic Candy
You don't have to play any bit-part in the public performances put on by any guru-worshiper in-group. Let veracity be your idol. Be your own hero in your own story   . Play the inner anthem of the truly independent thinker in your own words thoughts and actions. And don't be afraid not to take it all too seriously when you come up against weirdly rude and stubborn credulous buffoons who act out their emotions when challenged by uncomfortably hard facts and then become criminal cyberstaklers and Malicious Communications Act offenders who can expect the long arm of the law to soon feel their collars.
Be an Anti-Werther Original!
Step outside the Werther Effect.

Nullius in Verba
Vote on my open letter to the Royal Society on this issue, Here   . But PLEASE, not just because I asked you to. Weigh the evidence first. All of it. It's all in my own heretical paradigm bustng book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret.
Beware how you use them, because discoveries made with Big Data research skills will make you hot!

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