Friday 27 December 2019

Robin Hood

Stephen Downing and Miscarriage of Justice

I just reviewed "The Case of Stephen Downing" a Pen and Sword
'true Crime' publication on the Internet Journal of criminology website:
You can read my review of this book here 

Saturday 21 December 2019

Darwin at Xmas

Sunday 10 November 2019

Poor scholarship by pretending secondary sources are primary and associated brute censorship by failure to cite original sources

Ian Hardie and his wife discovered that many authors, including Jim Dempster have mistranscribed a letter from Darwin to Matthew. Tipped off by an email from Ian on 9th November 2019, I verified his finding and found that The Darwin Correspondence project (archived here) and others have not only mistranscribed the letter sent from Darwin to Matthew to have it that Darwin writes: "Your parable of the Damascus woman is quite new to me & very striking." In fact, we can see from the photograph of the letter (as opposed to replicating citations and then pretending the words copied come from visiting the National Library of Scotland) Darwin actually wrote: "Your parable of the Damascus Woman is quite new to me and my thinking."

My further research after being tipped off by Ian Hardie found the source of what we might call the "striking error" that others have copied without due citation to him is W. T. Calman (1912, pp. 451- 457) who was shown the three letters on or before 1912 by Matthew's daughter Euphemia. Claman (1912 p. 451) wrote that the letters had never before been published. Matthew and Darwin scholars should note that the above letter is one of the three later originally found by Ian Hardie and Min Hunter at the home of John Matthew after his death. They set up the Patrick Matthew Trust, which employed Jim Dempster to research and write on this topic.

Using a secondary transcribed source such as Calman's published transcription of 1912 yet citing the material as though it is the primary source whist ignorantly replicating a transcription error unique to the secondary source is one of the most simple forms of poor scholarship counting as academic misconduct by plagiarism. This mistranscription and wrong attribution issue on the Darwin Correspondence website and elsewhere in the literature on Darwin and Matthew is just one more ironic example of the many issues of dreadful scholarship plagiarism that that run through the so called "Darwin industry" like hidden woodworm in an antique.

By way of another ironic example of even worse academic misconduct by plagiarism we can see Dagg's disgraceful plagiarism in the Linnean Journal, in a paper that desperately tries to argue - through what is arguably the most pitiful systematic failure to cite the most relevant compelling newly published evidence of it - against Darwin’s plagiarism. Dagg plagiarised, by failure to cite me as the discoverer even though he knew I discovered it, my original unearthing in 2013 (and first published in 2014 and then in two peer reviewed papers, Sutton 2014 and 2015) that Selby (editor of the journal that published Wallace's 1855 Sarawak paper, which Darwin read pre-1858) cited Matthew's 1831 book and the original ideas in it years before Darwin and Wallace wrote on the topic. See all the fully referenced and evidenced details here of Dagg's ironic plagiarism (perhaps the most ironic example of plagiarism in history?) of my original research, which he had prior read and commented upon at length elsewhere on the Internet. 

The important issue to note here is that the Darwin Correspondence Project and others all one way or another appear to have copied/replicated Caimen's and other's subsequent publication of the mistranscription, but essentially pretended they got the text from the original letters National Library of Scotland or from them as an orignal source in someway being elsewhere, which scholars in the know can prove is impossible. I think this is most ironic given the issue at the heart of this Matthew and Darwin topic being one of plagiarism and failure to truthfully reference sources. Just as Darwin did not want to cite Matthew the dangerous radical Chartist leader, Christian god and priest and upper-class mocking atheist, it appears that these Darwin Industry members have behaved similarly. Indeed, John van Wyhe a major force behind the Darwin Correspondence Project resigned from the editorial board of the Polish journal that published my 2015 article on the independently verifiable evidence of Darwin's plagiarism. He then emailed a Scottish journalist to claim that the new and independently verifiable evidence of who I discovered did read and cite the book containing Matthew's prior published theory is nothing more than silly. See the detailed facts of that story here.

Note: For the historical record, I have a copy of van Wyhe's Sutton's research on Darwin and Matthew is a "conspiracy theory' email that he sent to a Scottish journalist. But for reasons of his copyright, I cannot legally publish it. 

Of course, again with great irony, in reality, conspiracy theories are those that tautologically claim there is conspiracy because people are conspiring, because the evidence of that conspiracy is not available, because there has been a cover-up of it. That most certainly is not the case in this story, as the independently verifiable published and expertly peer reviewed facts prove.

Proper academics interested in how the so-called "scientific establishment" seeks to silence those who bust much loved myths with new facts may care to note that Dr Mike Weale (then Reader in Statistical Genetics at Kings College London - the owner of the "Patrick Matthew Project" website wrote an email in 2016 to the VC of Nottingham Trent University - where I then worked before my retirement in 2018 as Reader in Criminology in a vicious attempt to have me disciplined or perhaps even sacked for what I wrote about van Wyhe's dreadful behaviour. Weale failed, of course, because an independent investigation by a Professor of Law and by HR at the university exonerated me of misconduct and pointed out Weal's disingenuity. Again, for the historical record, I have Weal's ludicrous, malicious, email to the VC Edward Peck and a copy of the findings of the investigation that exonerate me of academic misconduct. 

Scholars of plagiarism and poor scholarship know that offenders are caught out when they copy mistranscribed text from secondary sources whist citing the primary source as where they got it. By comparing a photographic image of his original letter to his mother with the version of it he transcribed in his memoirs, I originally proved that Wallace slyly lied in his autobiography to cover up the fact he bragged to his mother that Darwin and his cronies were going to pay him for co-operating in essentially pretending that he and Darwin jointly but independently discovered Matthew's prior published theory independently of its prior published source in Matthew’s 1831 book. Get the independently verifiable facts here.

Furthermore, I conducted an experiment that proved official Wikipedia editors of the Wikipedia page on Patrick Matthew are systematically deleting my newly unearthed facts about who read and reviewed and sought to brute censor so much as private rumination on Matthew's breakthrough years before Darwin or Wallace penned a word on the topic (see the results here).

I suspect the Darwinites running the Darwin Correspondence Project will seek next to slyly hide the plagiarism of Calman's erroneous 1912 miss-transcription by editing the page with reference to the correct content of the original letter on the web page of, yet fail to admit it. But they cannot hide what they did. Because their original page is now archived for all to see, here:

Liars, plagiarists and malicious fact deniers always come undone in the end when facts follow their age old habit of burrowing to the surface. Then they get their rightful place in history. The facts and their deniers that is. 

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Articles on my spinach mythbust

My Mythbusting articles on Spinach

Spinach, Iron and Popeye: Ironic lessons from biochemistry and history on the importance of healthy eating, healthy scepticism and adequate citation (Sutton 2010) (here and here and also here)

The Spinach, Popeye, Iron, Decimal Error Myth is Finally Busted (Sutton, M. 2010) (here)

Did Popeye Really Increase Spinach Consumption and Production by 33 percent in 1936? (here)(Original Best Thinking blog post archived in full here)

SPIN@GE USA Beware of the Bull: The United States Department of Agriculture is Spreading Bull about Spinach, Iron and Vitamin C (Sutton 2011) (Here)

Spin@ge II: Does the United States Department of Agriculture’s Publication of Spuriofacts Have its Origins in a Perverse Scientific Paper Written in 1937? (Sutton, M. June 2012) (here and archived here)

How the spinach, Popeye and iron decimal point error myth was finally bust (Sutton 2010) (Here and also here)

Wednesday 9 October 2019

On Brexit and Magical Thinking

Many idiots engage in magical thinking, believing that if they write or say something it simply becomes somehow true by their act of stating it to be so.

Monday 7 October 2019

Boris Johnson 100% proven serial liar and fraudster. Charles Darwin 100% serial liar and fraudster by plagiarism

Boris and Darwin. A Right Pair of #Toff Serial Liars and Fraudsters

Sunday 29 September 2019

Boris Johnson a "Model of Restraint" or a Model in Restraints?

When challenged on his use of inflammatory language in Parliament, at the same time he is under investigation for awarding a contact to his "friend" who was a model, Boris replied that he thinks he was a "model of restraint". Did he do this to game your search engine? To game you. To game the wider public?

Let's Get Boris Done!

Let's just "get Boris done". Arrest the dangerous criminal for the sake of his potential victims! #GetBorisDone

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Friday 27 September 2019

Thursday 26 September 2019

The Boris Humbug

This is humbug. Bah! .

Sunday 22 September 2019

Antisemitism in Science

By failing to address the facts of his lies and plagiarism, and the probable reasons for them, are Darwin worshipers are being antisemitic?


Saturday 21 September 2019

Credulous Creationists Love the Idea of Miracles Being Real

Surely it should be unsurprising that creationists love the establishment miracle myth that Darwin and Wallace - though surrounded by men who read and cited it and then influenced them and their influencers - independently conceived Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published theory of evolution by natural selection and his explanatory analogies and examples.

Thursday 19 September 2019

The day a hot dog saved my life

Being kind to stray animals can pay off in ways you could hardly imagine


Image archive

The Crypto Queen

On the dangers of being hoodwinked by very convincing fraudsters. 

Building on my recent expert peer reviewed criminological research into Darwin's and Wallace's newly proven lies and plagiarism (e.g. Sutton 2014), facilitated by the Darwin Industry and actuality denying lazy/credulous scientists and historians, I highly recommend readers follow this amazing story of a £4 billion crypto currency scam.

Here is Part 1 of  The Missing Cryptoqueen

Wednesday 18 September 2019

The Great Dog Bottom Swap Theft!

On plagiarism of anonymous sources

Some attribute the orignal poem to the Australian Henry Lawson (c1910).

Here is my Amazon book review of The Great Dog Bottom Swap 
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Tuesday 17 September 2019

New Reality v Old Illusions

Do you care to know the difference between actuality (reality) and the illusions you believe in? Then begin by never simply believing in anything. Examine the independently verifiable evidence and weigh it for yourself. You can't do this if you are so lazy you actually prefer to be lied to.

A.I. Killer Robots and Google

Will A.I. greatly harm humanity?

Sunday 15 September 2019

Spaffer Johnson is Barking Mad

New allegations emerge that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has twice been ticketed for dangerously riding through red traffic stop lights on his bicycle

What on Earth is wrong with Boris Johnson? Is he totally insane?

Saturday 14 September 2019

Food Fight For Health

Who wants a food fight for health? I do!

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Networked British Toffs Have Misled Us All

Landed gentry member Charles Darwin and his toff pals misled the world


Saturday 7 September 2019

Friday 6 September 2019

Tories are not normal people. They are very damaged individuals in need of our help

Tories are sadly damaged people. Some even eat their boogers in public on TV! Here we see Iain - the Brexit Bogeyman - Duncan Smith doing just that in September 2019 in Parliament. This is toxic normalcy


Brilliant article in the Guardian on this


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. . .

Distinguished Professor Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University Explains why there is Something Very Fishy about Claims made by Darwin fans

Charles Darwin did not coin the term "living fossil" - but you try telling that to a Worshipful Darwin Footwasher and they simply won't believe you - no matter how hard the proof.

Darwin's and Wallace's lies and plagiarism caused the Holocaust

The newly unearthed BigData reveals that Charles Darwin's science fraud by way of lies and plagiarism caused the Holocaust!

Thursday 5 September 2019

Darwin's Plagiarism caused the Holocaust!

Charles Darwin's plagiarising science fraud and lies about Patrick Matthew caused the Holocaust.

Sunday 1 September 2019

Wikipedia Desperate Fact Denial English Turds

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Create #Treesprawl

On Treesprawl - something we all can do. Plant trees. Copy the Mapperley Park Model - ensure trees in urban areas are all covered with a conservation area scheme.

Friday 16 August 2019

Darwin and the Peterloo Masacre

Charles Darwin was actually a nasty ruling class establishment beardy git. Get the facts not the infected crumbs fed to you from out of his nasty Glutton Club owl eating face hair

Thursday 15 August 2019

Glass Fiber Boats are NOT eco friendly

Monday 12 August 2019

Monday 15 July 2019

Racist Trump

Trump is a racist




Sunday 16 June 2019



Saturday 8 June 2019

Trump is a total fool

The President of the USA thinks the Moon is part of Mars

Friday 26 April 2019

Badly worded questions

In Maths classes 

Biology examinations

Trump recants his anti-vax stance. Were they baby killing tweets?

Hard Data on Managerialist Stupidity and Lost Plot Work


Monday 15 April 2019

They know not what they had

Sunday 14 April 2019

On the plagiarism of facts by those who fell for the dysology they debunk


Friday 12 April 2019

Blatant Lies at the Heart of the Establishment

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Worlds Worst PR Disasters

IMAGES CONTENT ARCHIVED: and NTU content on its April Fools joke here

Nottingham Trent University April Fools day (2019) joke backfires on April 2nd.  I bet the senior managers and Board of Governors wish they had that cloak today. Because, seriously, what the jobs for academic dullards cult of managerialism is doing is no joke for the proper academics at NTU.

Next day, April 2nd (2019) the cloak was lifted on Twitter and by the Times Higher



The Times Higher Education (THE)


Monday 18 March 2019

Coincidence: Or not, as the case may be


Sent from a topographic ocean of demented and delusional harassment

Saturday 16 March 2019

Hell has a Place for Science Fraudsters: Cheat and be Damned for Eternity on the Internet

Don't be a Darwin

Sunday 10 March 2019

Darwin Cat, Darwin Cat, Darwin Cat, sitting on the door mat!

For 160 years, pseudo scholars and ignorant creationist have lampooned Charles Darwin as a monkey or ape. They got that wrong. They should have been lampooning him as a copycat.

Darwin is the world's greatest plagiarising science fraudster by glory theft of a prior published theory. A theory that his friends, influencers and influencer's influencers read and are newly discovered to have cited in the literature before he or Wallace wrote a word on the topic anywhere (see Nullius).

Sunday 10 February 2019

Felson's RAT notion of Crime Opportunity is not a cause of crime

Thursday 7 February 2019

On The Immortal Shame of the Linnean Journal

Antixaxxers such as the famous plagiarist Alfred Russel Wallace and other pillocks

We know that Alfred Wallace, like Charles Darwin (1858/59), committed the world's greatest science fraud by plagiarising Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published theory of evolution by natural selection years after their friends, correspondents, editors and influencer's influencers had cited it in the historic literature record (see the fully referenced independently verifiable facts of that matter: Here, here and here). Alfred Wallace also paved the way for today's anti-vaccination movement (see the facts here). What a prat! No really, Wallace was. The utter pillock not only claimed to have conceived Matthew's prior published theory (which we newly know - thanks to my original research - Selby, the editor of Wallace's famous Sarawak paper, read and prior-cited) during the world's only stupidly claimed bout of cognitive enhancing malarial fever, he also ardently believed in ghosts and the silly ghost table-turning claims of parlour room mediums (see the facts here).

Today, to its eternal shame, the Linnean Journal - which published Darwin's and Wallace's first act of joint plagiarism of Matthew's theory in 1858 - published a desperately daft-as-a-brush paper by someone called Dagg, which blatantly plagiarised my Selby cited Matthew discovery by failing to cite me as its discoverer. Dagg then bragged to the obscene lonely and obsessed weirdo harassing stalker Julian Derry about failing to cite me (read all the verifiable fully referenced facts here). Doesn't look like a great advert for the Linnean Society and its journal does it. Prattism appears to be contagious. Maybe we need to work harder to discover an efficacious inoculation against it.

So Many People Don't Really Understand the Theory of Macroevolution by Natural Selection


Monday 4 February 2019

When Artificial Intelligence is the Problem and Not any Solution

Did Google's Rank Brain autonomous AI program wreck the Google Library?

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Further pre-1858 Citations of Matthew's 1831 Book

Following the many newly unearthed citations of Matthew's (1831) book "On Naval Timber and Arboriculture " revealed in  'Nullius in Verba Darwin's: greatest secret' (Sutton 2014, 2017), here are some newly discovered others that I  found in Jan 2019

1. The anonymous essayist "S G 2" pp 226-227. "Economical uses of the Larch" in  Knight's Penny Magazine, Volume 3, [edited by Charles Knight.]

2. Patrick Matthew citing his (1831) book in  'Testimonials in favour of W.L. Lindsay ... as a candidate for the office of Conservator of the museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (1852). - Note in this same publication we find a testimonial by Robert Jameson (Darwin's Geology professor no less!Moreover the testimonials are for a naturalist whose work Darwin later relied upon!) (Click here for the details) 

Friday 18 January 2019

The Evolution of Fraud

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Credulous Darwin Worshippers

Darwin and Wallace worshippers (those who unscientifically and credulously desperately deify the proven liar and plagiarist Charles Darwin and his plagiarist friend Alfred Wallace) have lost their pants in public as a result of the new data that has acted like an unwelcome enema, leading them to soil themselves in public (e.g. here).

Here is just one very small, yet not insignificant, example of the New Data (detected with the innovative Big Data  IDD research method), which completely debunks the Darwinist myth, started as a lie by Charles Darwin (because Matthew had already told him the opposite was true) that Matthew was a little know author on scottish forest trees, whose original ideas no one read. In reality, Matthew's (1831) work was prominently advertised in the Encyclopedia Britannica (p. 407) of 1842, the very year in which Darwin wrote his first private essay on the topic of Matthew's prior published theory of what Matthew originally coined the 'natural process of slection' and Darwin four-word shuffle plagiarized into the 'process of natural slection'. This is just one of so many newly uncovered examples of the prominence of Matthew's book and the bombshell breakthrough ideas in it in the first half of the 19th century.

Wednesday 9 January 2019

On The Loudon Blyth Connection: Matthewian Knowledge Contamination Probability

We know that in 1832 Loudon reviewed Matthew's (1831) book and most significantly noted that Matthew had something original to say on what he called 'The Origin of Species' no less. Other writers, such as Eiseley and Dempster have noted that Loudon was founder and editor of the Journal that later published Blyth's important articles in the 1835 and 1836 on natural selection. However neither writer appears to have noted - because they most certainly never pointed it out - that Loudon (as editor) could have in some way provided a route for unique Matthewian  knowledge contamination of Blyth's brain - and therefore of Darwin's and Wallace's  brains, pre-1858. Because we know both Darwin and Wallace read those Blyth articles before they replicated Matthew's theory.