Friday, 13 January 2023

The Darwin Fraud

 The Darwin Myth is bust by newly discovered empirical data 

You have been misled by those who pretend to themselves and to others that they are scientists, historians and proper academic scholars.


Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Brian J. Ford on Nonscience

 Brain J. Ford on the Sonia Poulton show in January 2022

When I contacted Professor Brian Ford to let him know that my "Selby cited Matthew discovery" research had twice been plagiarised in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society it was me to who Brian responded with what he says in the above the video. 

"If you’re in the public eye and you make an impression, people are going to steal your work. It's actually the ultimate compliment. If in science you haven't been plagiarised, it's because you haven't done anything decent. The minute you do, some miserable two-faced, dishonest bastard is going to come along and steal your work and claim it's his own."

In this programme Professor Brian Ford, on a broadcast show hosted by Sonia Poulton and Sean Ward provides us with the perfect quote on plagiarism. It should become a renowned quote, just so long as it is not plagiarised and attributed to another person. To try to prevent that happening I have added this video and his words on plagiarism to his page on - a  website all about the worlds greatest science fraud by plagiarism. If you read Brian's book "Nonscience" you will find quite a bit about plagiarism, including Darwin's plagiarism of Patrick Matthew. 

Incidentally, an "expert" in Latin and etymology will tell you "The word plagiarism has a curious history. It is derived from the Latin plagiarius—literally, a kidnapper who ensnares children or slaves in a plaga (net)."  

Good grief! Were such people with their nets just like the evil Child Catcher form Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? 

Someone like me can tell you that I found that Latin route of plagiarism information on the Internet and, having studied the topic just a bit, I know it's correct. What does this tell us about experts? Either way, if I ever definitely need heart or brain surgery for an expertly verifiable fact, I think I will go to an "expert" to perform the surgery rather than ask Brian to do it on his kitchen table. That said, an "expert" surgeon wanted to give my wife an operation to remove fibroids, that carried a 50% chance of rendering her "sterile" so she could increase her chances of conceiving a child. As a non-expert on surgery I thought about it and said we would defer our decision and try to conceive for another year. No surgery was required (with no 50:50 chance of it going wrong and additional risks of death from the anaesthetic etc etc). We now have a daughter. Conclusion = Brian has a point, but his book is satirical and so everything in it should not be taken literally. Reality is often (not always) more nuanced than this programme lets on. But then that's entertainment folks! So being most entertaining carries risks. I don't know, perhaps we should ask Donald Trump and Boris Johnson about that one? But would they tell us the truth? And if they didn't, would their millions of adoring fans care?

Friday, 31 December 2021

Science Fraud

 The cover of my forthcoming book is actually green. 

If you see a red cover then you almost certainly have the red mist of anger. Perhaps you are angry at the fact you have been duped all these years by the Darwin Industry? Or perhaps you are one of the Darwinite horde suffering from new data hater syndrome?  

There is only one cure. Buy my book and be inoculated against lies and other total nonsense about Charles' Darwin's genius originality. He was little more than a serial lying apex plagiarist. 

This book relies entirely on what Professor Michael Streven's calls the "Iron Rule" of science, namely empirical facts, and new BigData unearthed ones at that, to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace plagiarised the theory of evolution by natural selection from Patrick Matthew.

PRE-ORDER from the science publisher Curtis Press NOW to secure a first edition copy. 

Science Fraud: Darwin’s Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s Theory by Mike Sutton.

"Science Fraud" reveals how malicious New Data hater Darwin superfans and others, facilitated by members of the Darwin Industry, have committed repeat research plagiarism, tried multiple times without success to have the author fired from a senior academic position, and spread misinformation via Wikipedia and elsewhere in an attempt to re-bury the cast iron bombshell New Data on Darwin's and Wallace's plagiarism and associated lies. 



Saturday, 14 August 2021

Sounds Like Titanic

 A must read for all those who want to tell what is real from fake and who understand exactly why doing so is important.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Sounds Like Matthew


The best analogy for Darwin's plagiarising science fraud of Patrick Matthew's prior published complete theory: "Darwin, the amateur fiddler, is playing a cheap violin before a dead microphone whilst blasting out a recording of Matthew's wonderfully original prior-performance."


Thursday, 22 April 2021

Dr Mike Sutton makes and then drinks the world's most expensive, and arguably the best, coffee

 Kopi Luwak is coffee that has been selected by Palm Civets. Hanging around coffee plantations these little mammals pick out the choicest coffee berries and then poo out the beans. These beans are said to make the world's best coffee due to two factors (1) the coffee berries were the very best and chosen at the very best point of ripeness and (2) the digestive juices of the Civet. 

The coffee demonstrated is supplied by Monkey Business, who personally assured me that the coffee is selected in the wild only and not from caged civets. We can only hope that is 100% true. I hope so. But I don't know. What I do know is that it's really expensive! But boy does it taste good too!

My youngest daughter Eleena (aged 12) scripted, directed, filmed, produced and edited this little instructional video.