Wednesday 29 November 2017

Trump uses Twitter to spread Islamophobia messages from the Far Right



The last video is proven fake news. See SNOPES:

Then later we see Jayda Fransen - who is currently being prosecuted for hate speech -  in the UK make a personal video appeal to to President Donald Trump of the USA to ride in on his white charger and rescue her from her, ahem, persecutors.  Here

So who is this Jayda Fransen, who Trump thinks is worth re-tweeting as some kind of credible source? SeeBritain First's Deputy Leader 
Jayda Fransen's Family Tree Is A Bit 

How to archive any webpage: Remember, on the Internet delete never means delete

The wonderful BestThinking experiment has come to a conclusion. Before the site closes I was sure to archive my content in order to  keep all my BestThinking articles and blogs in the public domain.
Here is the archive I used and how I did it.
First, click Archive.Is    and enter the URL you wish to save in the red box on .
I even saved the page on Best Thinking where I explained to the readers of that site how to do this  (here)   .
On the Internet, always remember: "Delete NEVER means delete!"