Monday 26 February 2018

Nick Griffin Former leader of the Racist BNP on Twitter

Sunday 4 February 2018

On Richard III and The Nottingham Archive

In October 2016 I used the IDD method to orignally detect a long neglected 1939 translation of the accounts of the Gild of St George at St Peter's Church in Nottingham. That book, a scholarly translation of the orignal medieval documents, builds upon the prior research of others (see Langley et al 2014) into the 15th century Hill v Hylton Court of Chancery case and how it provided a crucial lead towards the discovery of the grave of Richard III in a Leicester car park in 2012. The newly re-discovered self-published book found with IDD (Hodgkinson 1939) establishes that a past Sheriff of Nottingham (Ralph Hill) sued an acting Mayor of Nottingham (Walter Hylton). Both men were in the same gild (guild). That Nottingham gild lent them money to carry out work on the monument for Richard III's tomb. Moreover, rather than make a new monument (according to current knowledge claims) befitting a dead king, it looks like there is now a new historical document evidence-led possibility that such a monument existed already and Hylton was contracted to repair it rather than make the first one himself.

The full story can be found here