Friday 22 January 2016

News from the Multiverse 5

States of Denial of the Obvious and Significant Facts: Several things the Darwin Fraud case Shares with the Savile and Boston Globe Catholic Priest Pedophile Cases

What does the case of Sir Jimmy Savile (OBE)  have in common with that of Charles Darwin (FRS)?

Unsurprisingly, there are several shared features underlying the 'state of denial' in the Savile case, the Boston Globe's  Catholic priests pedophile case and the Darwin fraud case :

  1. Sir Jimmy Savile OBE was a much loved and wealthy TV celebrity, who raised a fortune for charities.
  2. Charles Darwin (FRS), was considered in the 19th-century (being the grandson of the famous polymath and poet Erasmus Darwin FRS), as academic royalty and a paragon of wealthy gentleman naturalist honesty and originality.
  3. Catholic priests, in 20th century USA, and their wealthy church, were considered by many as being at the very top of the social hierarchy of honesty and caring integrity.
  4. Savile boasted about being able to avoid trouble and gleefully described himself many times as being "tricky" as a way to avoid trouble. Similarly, Darwin gleefully described himself many times as being a "wriggler" to do the same.

But eventually someone is able to break the negative hallucination (not seeing what is obviously and significantly there) to convince the world of the facts that "The king has no clothes!"

This link will take you to the independently verifiable 'New Data'. This data proves that, for the past 155 years to the present time of writing, the same psychological 'state of denial' characteristics of the "majority view" are behind the failure to respond to the obvious and significant facts of Darwin's lying, plagiarizing, science fraud by glory theft of Patrick Matthew's prior-published conception of natural selection.

An explanation - with independently verifiable evidence - of how the psychological concept of 'denial' relates to how Darwin scholars have been in denial of the facts of Darwin's lies, told to conceal the wider facts pertinent to Darwin's (1858 and 1859) replication of Matthew's (1831) prior-published conception of natural selection, and more, can be read on the Patrick Matthew Website - specifically the States of Denial page.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

News From the Multiverse No. 4

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Re: Refuting the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI)

In relation to the following seemingly plausible and intuitively comfortable refutation of Many Worlds Theory:

'...though the physical potential exists, the likelihood of tomorrow's papers headlining The Pope as a murderous gay atheist, seems bleak, to say the least. Therefore, are these many worlds constrained by what is physically possible, or by what is sensibly possible? That is, do mental/emotive concerns dictate what worlds are possible, or simply physical potentials? On the face of it, it would seem that the MWI doesn't have any recourse towards mental potential/agency.'

In the UK that is akin to writing: imagine such an improbable world where the headlines would read that beloved national celebrities: Sir Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris (MBE, CBE), and the politicians Cyril Smith (MBE) were prolific child abusing paedophiles. But we now know they were. If many Worlds Theory is right - a far more plausible world has them as upstanding citizens who always were exactly what they appeared to be.

News from the Multiverse No 3