Monday, 4 May 2020

Masks Against Covid-19 and Proper Academics Versus the Cult of Managerialism

The UK Government has been misled by a bunch of managerialist "going forward vacuous buzz-term signalling obsessed" idiots, not only did the UK lock-down three weeks too late, as the #PrimeClown Boris Johnson was clowning around boasting about shaking hands in hospitals with Corona19 patients and saying it was OK to continue with mass sporting events - and his scientific advisers treated the pandemic like the flu and advised a herd immunity "let 'em die" strategy, other counties, such as Greece locked down before they suffered a single death from Covid19.

Today the UK has the worst death rate in Europe and Greece the lowest! Boris was, unsurprisingly infected and wasted NHS resources taking up a critical care bed for days - all due to his own clownish idiot stupidity. BULLSHIT KILLS! #NulliusInBurger

In the video snippet below - PRESENTED HERE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST TO SAVE LIVES -Professor King tells the BBC (4th May 2020), quite sensibly, that the public should be compelled to wear masks outside the home during the Covid19 pandemic

Now compare and contrast the advice given by Professor David King with that of the total idiot managerialist vacuous buzz-term signalling Jenny "going forward" Harries who believes all the public are as stupid as the Prime Clown Boris Johnson. Note also how she thinks mass public gathering events are fine during the Covid19 pandemic. The idiot and her managerialist cult  colleagues bosses should have been "going forward" 😬 advising lock-down and face-masks. Instead Harries was seemingly simply desperate to please the Prime Clown with whatever he wanted to hear and say so she could remain wallowing in her ludicrous managerial role. She is worse than useless, she is deadly. How many lives have been lost due to such incompetent stupidity?

I wrote a blog post for the Crime Talk website on the theme of deadly bullshit. If you are interested in exploring this issue further then please click here to read it.

We need to kick out the cult of lethal idiot managerialism "going forward" from all our universities.


Firstly, the most obvious point so many miss is that it is NOT so much a question of how much protection one wearer of a face masks gets from infected others not wearing a mask. The proper question to ask is this: “What extra protection do we ALL get if EVERYONE wears a mask OUTSIDE THE HOME? This question is especially important given that many carriers - and so spreaders - of Covid19 are asymptomatic and coughing and sneezing and otherwise spreading infected droplets in public and semi-public places.

This is not rocket science. Even children understand it.

Proper research into this issue concludes everyone is better protected from the spread of Covid19 into the air via water droplets and onto surfaces-then-to-hands-to-face. See the the top BMJ paper written by Prof Trisha Greenhalgh on this. Published this month and available free online (HERE).

The science about how Covid19 is spreads and how effective masks are is NOT about how well the odd mask wearer is protected but how much better protected we all are if everyone is forced to wear a mask outside the home during the Covid19 pandemic.

Beware of being led down the garden path by those who would rather tens of thousands more people die than admit they were wrong about compulsory wearing of face masks during this pandemic.

The UK government will recommend everyone wear face masks in shops etc as we come out of lock-down. This is policy in Scotland today and on all Eurostar trains leaving London.

The telling question is this: If face masks save lives coming out of lock-down , why not right now during lock-down? Why not right from the start of the pandemic?


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