Thursday 23 April 2015

Mike Weale Talks to the BBC about Patrick Matthew

Dr Mike Weale, statistical geneticist and senior academic (Reader) at Kings College London, talks to the BBC about his new paper, published in the Linnean Journal today (Weale 2015   ), which is about the importance of Patrick Matthew (20th April 2015) {here}   
The full radio interview available on your PC by (1) clicking the play button on the i-player link (here   ) and then (2) moving the slider on the video up to the numbers “38,50” – and then it begins. To hear a discussion about Weal's paper, move the slider again right until you get to: " 2.55.12".
Comments on the show can be made on BBC Twitter: here   . And on the website The Patrick Matthew Project -here   .

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