Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top Contender for the Most Ironic Tweet of 2014?

Is it true that American's don't get irony?

Here is some uncomfortably confirmatory evidence for the old claim.

The newly discovered fact that Darwin lied when he claimed no naturalist known to him had read Matthew's prior-published theory of natural selection lead John Hopkins University Darwinist Science Historian Nathaniel Comfort to most uncomfortably refer to the peer reviewed paper containing the new findings - of which he was totally ignorant - as an "ignorant piece of crap".

The British Society of Criminology peer-reviewed paper that offered Comfort such cold-comfort for his prior mere "knowledge beliefs"  that are now totally disconfirmed by newly discovered and independently verifiable hard facts is available here. Readers are encouraged to judge its importance and veracity for themselves.

Dr Comfort was cordially offered the opportunity to put his disgracefully unprofessional public behavior behind himself and to engage in a scholarly debate about why he thinks my peer-reviewed journal article is am "ignorant piece of crap". Ignorantly, he crappily responded by blocking me on Twitter. Not much of an advert for himself or John Hopkins University is he.

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